Thursday, May 19, 2016

ZAMBIA - Voice of Hope

ZAMBIA - Voice of Hope
As mentioned in my earlier post, was astonished at the good signal during our mid-afternoon here in Melbourne (May 18 2016) from this station, on 9680. Sign-on was 0459, announcing "From Zambia to the world, this is the Voice of Hope Africa broadcasting on 9680 kHz". English reiigious format format from 0500, fade-out at 0530. Local time here 1459 to 1530. Presumed long path propagation, darkness at transmitter end, signals arriving in Melbourne from the north-Pacific.Txer power 100 kW (Collins), log-periodic antenna oriented for Africa. Pix show txer and antenna (from KVOH website). Part of global VOH network, HQ in Los Angeles.


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