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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Excellent propagation in 49, 41, 31 and 25 mbs

As winter approaches, there is excellent propagation into Melbourne during various "spectrum windows", particularly during our daytime hours, from all continents.

Morning signals in the 49 mb are now audible well beyond 2300, over two hours past sunrise, shortpath from Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

Brazilian signals are also observed in the 49, 31 and 25 mbs in the window 2000 to 2200.

Ths is a summary of important spectrum ccupancies noted on April 29, which include newly introduced frequencies for A09.

5945 IRAN VOIRI, *2230-2330* Malay
5980 RUSSIA V. of Russia, Moscow, *2300 Russian
5990 BRAZIL R. Senada 2000-2100
5990 SLOVAKIA IRRS, Rimavksa-Sobota, *0430-0530* English religious programming
6100 ROMANIA RRI, *2300 Spanish
7250 CHINA CRI, Urumqi, *2300 Spanish
7260 CHINA CRI, Kashi, *2330 Sinhala
7370 CHINA CRI, Urumqi, 2345 Mandarin
7390 CHINA CRI, 1005, Russian
7410 CHINA CNR8, 1015, Minority Language Network, Korean
7555 USA WEWN, 1030 Spanish
9620 TURKEY RCI via NEW RELAY (Emirler) to Asia, *0100 English
9635 BRAZIL R. Aparecida, 2000-2130
9710 CHINA CNR1, *2100
9745 CHINA V. of Han, 2115
9815 GERMANY VOA, Nauen, *2030 French
9820 CHINA Guangxi Foreign BS, Nanning, 2345, Vietnamese
9900 CHINA CNR1, 2105
11520 UISA WEWN, 0510 English
11530 USA WYFR, 0515, French
11580 USA WYFR, 0515
11780 BRAZIL R. Nacional, 2105-2200
11815 COSTA RICA REE, 2110

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