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Friday, June 26, 2009

Propagation and Monitoring Report

Image - The field monitoring site at the Mortimer Picnic Ground, Bunyip State Park, on June 25, 2009

The shortest day for Melbourne has gone, and our sunset is now occurring a little later, at 5.08pm on June 26, (0708 UTC), which will move to 5.12 pm on July 4. While all this is happening, our sunrise is 7.36 am, (2136 UTC) and it will stay that way until July 5 , when it will occur at 7.35 am.
The days on which sunset is earliest and sunrise is latest do not coincide!

This means that HF propagation into Melbourne is now exhibiting signs of seasonal variability – the midday long-distance mode on 6 MHz from Europe, Middle East, and Africa has passed, but 7 and 9 MHz continue to hold up well from those regions, along with Asia and the Americas in the midday window.

During our mid-afternoon, 6 MHz and 7 MHz are not very good for longpath transmissions from the same regions.

Sunspot activity remains at zero, except for a brief temporary appearance of one spot recently, believed to be Cycle 24.

Sunspot Activity and Frequency Management
Negligible sunspot activity has thrown longer-term, frequency predictions into chaos. Many administrations have made, and will continue to make, frequency adjustments for the present A09 season in an attempt to avoid co-channel interference and to activate lower frequencies where long-distance propagation over darkness or semi-darkness paths is required.

Here are some monitoring results in the 0100 to 0200 window on 9 MHz which demonstrate the high level of spectrum occupancy in this band, as observed here in Melbourne on June 26, 2009, with some new or changed A09 relay usages included (shown asterisked)

9350 TAJIKSTAN RFA-Dushanbe, Uighur
9365 KUWAIT RFE, Tibetan
9380 SRI LANKA VOA-Iranawela, Pashto
9400 BULGARIA R. Sofia, Spanish
9410 CHINA CRI-Kashi, English
9420 GREECE VOG, Greek
9440 CZECH REP. R. Prague, various langs
9450 * PORTUGAL RN-Sines, Spanish
9470 CHINA CRI-Kashi, English
9490 * LITHUANIA RFA, Uighur
9505 * ENGLAND DW-Rampisham, German
9525 ROMANIA RRI, Romanian
9535 SPAIN REE, Spanish
9545 ENGLAND R. Republica, Spanish
9570 ALBANIA CRI-Cerrick, English
9595 CHINA CRI-Kashi, Spanish
9620 SPAIN REE, Spanish
9635 INDIA AIR, Sindhi
9650 VATICAN VR-SMG, various
9655 IRAN VOIRI, Spanish
9665 MOLDOVA VOR-Kishinov, English
9680 INDONESIA RRI, National network
9685 SRI LANKA DW-Trincomalee, Russian
9700 BULGARIA R. Sofia, French
9710 CHINA CRI-Kashi, Spanish
9715 PORTUGAL RDP, Portuguese
9750 F. GUYANA RFI-Montsinery, French
9760 THAILAND RFE-Udorn, Tajik
9780 SRI LANKA VOA-Iranawela, English
9810 * F. GUYANA VOR-Montsinery, Spanish
9820 USA VOA-G, English, to 0130*
9845 * ENGLAND DW-Rampisham, German
9855 SRI LANKA DW-Trincomalee, var langs to ME
9870 INDIA National network
9880 RUSSIA VOR-Armavir, Spanish
9890 RUSSIA VOR-Samara, English
9895 CYPRUS BBC, Dari/Pashto
9915 EGYPT R. Cairo, Spanish
9925 GERMANY V. of Croatia, Wertachtal, Croatian
9975 UZBEKISTAN CVC-Tashkent, Hindi

To finish off, some selections from monitoring research of June 25, 2009, 0430 to 0500, made in the Bunyip State Park, 60 km east of Melbourne, using the Eton, with a 5 metre wire, one metre high! This was at the Mortimer Picnic Ground, on the banks of the Diamond Creek. Good spot!

5025 CUBA R. Rebelde, Spanish
5810 USA WEWN, Spanish
5910 COLOMBIA Marfil Estereo, Lomalin
5915 * ENGLAND DW-Rampisham, Russian
5990 SLOVAK REPUBLIC IRRS-Rimatska Sobota, English (religious)
6000 BULGARIA R. Sofia, Russian
6010 COLOMBIA LV de Tu Conciencia, Lomalin
6140 CUBA RHC, English
7310 S. AFRICA BBC-Meyerton, English
Regards from Melbourne!

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