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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rollout of digital radio in Australia

Below is a link to an article, of Nov 24, 2010, from the Australian
Government - DPCD, providing the latest details about the development and
expansion of DAB+ across Australia.

Here in Melbourne, the transmitters are at Mt Dandenong, 50 kW:

Nine commercial stations on Channel 9A (ATV10 tower), 13 on Channel 9B
(ATV10 tower), and 15 National ABC/SBS on Channel 9C (ABV tower). The centre
frequency for Channel 9A is 202.928 MHz.

Additionally, test broadcasts in Melbourne are on Channel 9A from 3MBS, and
from 3CR on Channel 9B.

Each cluster of stations is known as an "ensemble".

Digital Radio in other areas is at Sydney, Darwin, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide
and Brisbane. No services in country or regional areas, or from Tasmania.

The cheapest Dig Radio on sale in Melbourne is at $79, the Siesta, a bedside
unit from Pure, and also has FM. Pricing for other makes are $399 (Pure
Oasis Flow - large weatherproof radio), which also has broadband access to
internet boadcasters. Pure also markets One Mi, a palm-sized digital radio
with an optional rechargable battery.

Note that Dig Radios do not have tuning dials - tuning is via a Menu, with a
screen showing news, adverts, weather and other content. The radios have to
be factory programmed for each location, as user programming is not
available, thus constraining usefulness in places other than where they

Note also that a Dig Radio bought outside of Australia will not work at all
here, as DAB+ has been abandoned in most other countries!

See the info at this link:


Bob Padula, Melhourne

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