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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

SW radios for sale on eBay

*** This message is mainy for radio monitoring colleagues located in
Australia, but others will find it of interest!

There are vast numbers of SW radios on sale on eBay, either as "Buy Now"
items or using the "Bid/Auction" process.

The "Buy Now" receivers are dominated by small suppliers located in Hong
Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Singapore, with a few others in the USA and the
UK. Pricing starts as low as $9, which includes free international postage!

"Bid" items include receivers offered by private individuals worldwide, as
they attempt to offload unwanted gear as a consequence of the global
downturn and disinterest in SW broadcasting.

Pricing is through PayPal, or via personal cheque.

The excellent exchange rate for the Australian dollar against the greenback,
at parity, now means that some real bargains can be picked up from Asian

Packages come directly to you - no customs, taxes or duty!

Here are a few "Buy Now" examples of new SW radios (airmail from Honkers

Tecson PL600 $79
Tecson DR920 $26
Kchibo 10-band $28
Kchibo 20-band $27
Degan DE104 13-band $72
Redsun RP300 multi-band $44

DVDs and Books
You can make a killing here! Vast arrays via "Buy Now" - if buying DVDs from
Asia, ensure that coding supports your region! Alternatively, buy a cheapie
DVD player from Asia for about $10 and then purchase DVDs configured for the
Asia Region.

Note: If in Australia, take note of power supply and earthing - some gear
and chargers are for the American 220V AC 2-pin system - buy a plug adapter
locally for 240V AC. Alternatively, use batteries!

I bought these items recently:

- A nice 12 MP digital camera for $49.95, delivered in three days, which is
now my reserve camera (similar product sells for $100 in Melbourne!)

- A 2GB LCD Digital Voice Telephone Recorder with MP3 Player from Hong Kong
for $28 (not available yet in Melbourne!)

- A pack of 12 Ultracell AA 3000 mAh Ni-Mh batteries for $9 - these
batteries sell for $7 EACH here in Melbourne! I use these around the house,
in my dig cameras, portable comms radios, GPS etc.

- A beaut analog watch, with multicolor backlit dial for $11 (sells for $90
in Melbourne!)

- A wireless optical Mouse with all features, 1600 dpi resolution for $8
(similar Logiteck product sells for $40 at Dick Smith and Big-W!


Go for it!

Bob Padula

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