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Monday, March 5, 2018

Spotlight on 22 metre (13 MHz) band

This band is primarily used for daytime transmissions over shorter distances or for nighttime services over longer distances.
The band officially uses spectrum from 13570 to 13870, on a worldwide exclusive basis for the broadcasting service, for conventional double sideband AM mode (A3 modulation) on carrier frequencies from 13575 to 13865. Broadcasters are not authorised to use transmitters with carrier frequencies on 13570 or 13870 as the .lower and upper sidebands extend to 13570 and 13870, which are protected zones.
Spectrum adjacent to this band is allocated to non-broadcasting services.
An analysis of the band here in Melbourne on March 4, 2018, from a monitoring location in the Westerfolds' Park, in Templestowe, revealed these frequency occupancies, across the time span 0400 to 0430 with the Eton receiver and 3m random antenna. (The photo shows the monitoring location). Melbourne is 9159 km from Beijing.
13570 CHINA CRI-Xian English
13590 CHINA CRI-Beijing English
13600 OMAN R. OMAN Arabic
13610 CHINA CNR1
13640 CHINA CRI-Kashi Chinese
13650 N. KOREA VOK Chinese
13655 CHINA CRI-Xian Cantonese
13695 INDIA Gujarati
13720 MADAGASCAR NHK-Talata Korean from *0445
13740 CHINA CRI-Kashi Hakka
13760 N. KOREA VOK Spanish
13840 UAE BBC-Dhabbaya Somali
13860 UAE R. Azadi Dhabbaya Pashto

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